Lanco Construction & Land Development

When you keep integrity and ethics at the forefront, you show a respect for prosperity. From there success will follow. – Lou Lanza III, President LANCO Construction

Lou Lanza III

Lou started LANCO Construction in 1983 with an honest goal of creating a company to sustain his budding family. With a new wife, and a baby on the way, he used his knowledge of the construction trade, passed down by his father to create an ethics-driven, trust-based company that his family could be proud of. In addition to historical knowledge of the trade, Lou also acquired a Bachelors of Science in Construction from Louisiana State University in 1977, which helped prepare him for thirty years of experience in commercial construction leadership.

Louis Lanza IV

Honesty, dedication, and a forward-thinking demeanor describe the professional character of Louis Lanza IV, Vice President of LANCO Construction. From the age of 12, he was getting his hands dirty alongside his father, learning the ins and outs of the commercial construction trade. The LSU Graduate in Construction Management understands the broad-scope impact of LANCO’s contributions, expressing that “a business opening for the public is a success for the construction company as well.” He has used his critical eye for detail, and analytical approach to project planning to enable LANCO Construction to not only ensure superior standards of building, but also exceed perceived standards of efficiency.

Jonathan Lanza

“Be honest. Do more than is expected, and always say thank you, “ are the words of Jonathan Lanza when asked what core values he prides himself on. From these words it is clear that the LSU Construction Management graduate knows more than a thing or two about professionalism: he understands how respect and an honest desire to please a client makes for great business. Jonathan’s fun-loving nature makes him easy to work with, and he takes his family business very seriously. As he explains it, “LANCO shares a common interest with our clients to provide them with a quality product.” His commitment to that product has allowed him to earn his own way at LANCO Construction, which began in high school, to his current role as Co-Vice President and Project Manager.